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Concert Venue - Soliders and Sailors Hall

Soldiers and Sailors Hall Museum
The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) conceived Soldiers & Sailors during the 1890s. It was originally built to recognize the sacrifice, valor and patriotism of the Civil War Veterans of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Today it honors the men and women of Pennsylvania who served the United States in its military endeavors during our country’s history.  Soldiers & Sailors is the largest memorial building in the United States dedicated solely to America’s fighting personnel, representing all branches of service while honoring both the career and citizen soldier.

In a 2001 article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,the executive director described the building as follows... "We have one of the most unique concert halls in the country. It is acoustically correct. The Pittsburgh Symphony recorded CDs here," said Dugan, pushing open the doors to the magnificent first-floor auditorium, which has President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address engraved in giant letters on the wall behind the stage, believed to be the largest presentation of that script in the nation."  We are delighted that we can bring the 2016 ACB convention to such a beautiful and acoustically delightful venue.

Soldiers and Sailors HallSoldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall is located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh in the heart of the University of Pittsburgh's campus.  The address of the hall is 4141 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  A parking garage is located directly beneath the property and and can be accessed from Bigelow Blvd.